Benefits of Firemen Sealcoating Asphalt Maintenance can prevent costly repairs or early repaving.
our sealant ...

  • Shields Sun
  • Resists spills
  • Beautifies
  • Saves you money

Protect Your Investment and Increase Asphalt Life


Firemen Sealcoating only uses the top of the line, highest grade sealer emulsion on all jobs. We fortify our commercial blacktop sealer with a rubberized additive for longer durability.

After a hand-squeegeed industrial application, your pavement has a deeper black, more weatherproofed coating.

Our sealer emulsion Exceeds all state and federal specifications. 

Friendly and Guaranteed Service Including:

  • Commercial High Power Cleaning of Pavement
  • Crack Filling and Patchwork 
  • Oil, Chemicals and Weed Removal 
  • Heavy Duty Coating for “Look Like New” Appearance 
  • Barricade 
  • Professional Parking Lot Striping 
  • All Asphalt Repair– Cut Out or Replacement 
  • Also Available– Concrete or Brick Paver Clearcoat Sealing

You Can Depend on Firemen Quality - Don’t Accept Substandard Offers or “Bargain Priced” work from others.

A Low Grade mixture will not last and can damage your asphalt. (Our Heavy duty sealant is never sprayed)


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Preventive maintenance of your asphalt adds to your PROPERTY VALUE